A Public Thankyou

Snow flakes on the forum are a public thank you for donations to the cause.

Donation of £5+ in past 6 months.
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Donations totalling £20+ in the last 12 months.
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Subscription or one off donation of £50+ (In the past 18months).
Your forum snow flakes are intended as a public thank you, if for any reason you would like to donate anonymously please let us know.

Support & Subscribe

Introducing compulsory charging for access to Winterhighland is against it's principle ethos and would largely defeat the purpose of the site. However if you value Winterhighland and can afford to, perhaps you would like to consider a voluntary donation or subscription to help secure Winterhighland's continued success?

All contributions aid keeping Winterhighland independent and online (Winterhighland receives no public funding and no funding from Visit Scotland or the SSMG) - that enables us to offer independent reviews of snow conditions, manually produced five day mountain forecasts and a short term weather dicussion with a particular angle on snowsports, plus regular pix from the slopes, our own webcams and weather stations and keeping all this, plus our forum online.


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One off Donation Subscribe to Winterhighland:
  £5 a month (ongoing) £10 a month (for 5 months)
Make a one off contribution of your choice.

Funds given this way will principally contribute to the ongoing provision of and expansion of our webcam and AWS network.

If you value Winterhighland, monthly subs will help the site's continued success & development, and contribute directly to keeping us on-line.

If you hibernate over summer, this option allows you to subscribe for winter. It also allows you to make a larger donation spread over 5 months at just £10 a month.

Subscription to Winterhighland is entirely voluntery and you may unsubscribe at any time. A very very big thankyou for your contributions to the cause.

More about Winterhighland

Through our snow reports, General Situation overview, mountain forecasts, Pix from the Slopes, plus maintaining and extending our webcam and AWS network Winterhighland is a full-time (and a half) operation during the late Autumn, Winter and Spring months.

Winterhighland is hosted on a robust high end dedicated server solution provided by
United Hosting, this has provided rock solid stability for Winterhighland despite the fact our traffic is as unpredictable and volatile as the Scottish Weather, which means the site is completely unsuited to standard shared hosting. Thus it costs £200 per month just to keep the Winterhighland server online during winter.

Winterhighland maintains and is looking to expand our webcam coverage, using some novel and innovative combinations of technology to get cameras beyond traditional Internet connections. For example:

Uber Cams and Simple Cams

Winterhighland's existing webcam system is provided by a combination of simple single view fixed cameras and server controlled Axis Pan / Tilt / Zoom network cameras. Our fixed camera systems have been provided by recycling old outdated computer hardware and high end consumer USB web cameras. This allows several camera installations each with 2 or 3 cameras to be provided for the cost of one PTZ camera. This provides the following advantages:

However, it's not possible to cover all areas in such a manor. The webcam coverage at Glencoe represents a balance between numerous individual cameras to increase redundency and use of a single PTZ camera to provide numerous views that would not otherwise be possible.